GS Auto Clicker 3.1.2

A free and easy tool that sets programs on a computer to automatically open

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    Windows 8 / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 10

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GS Auto Clicker 3.1.2
GS Auto Clicker 2014

GS Auto Clicker is a Windows program with a small footprint that records mouse movement and clicks and can repeat those events later.

Anyone who performs an action with a mouse over and over again can take advantage of GS Auto Clicker to record that action or those actions and recreate them on demand in an automated fashion. The program carries out repetitive mouse clicks and mouse movements with just a single button press in most cases. GS Auto Clicker includes an intuitive menu system that you can use to manage profiles, add and remove events to those profiles and assign hotkeys so that you can recall them with ease.

GS Auto Clicker provides the means to add these events manually and in a precise manner. The program also has a built-in recorder. Turn it on, carry out your repetitive actions once and the program will preserve them. You can right click and left click. You can move the mouse pointer to a particular area of the screen and have that recorded. It can even move the mouse pointer to multiple areas of the screen in an order you define, which is useful when automating a web form or interacting with a video game UI. You can even record a macro and then fine-tune it by making manual edits.

The program supports practically any mouse, including those with mouse wheels and more than three buttons. Once you’ve created a profile, you can assign it a hotkey, which can include key combinations. You can even access these key from within games as long as that game hasn’t bound that particular key or combination. This can be really useful when interacting with storage chests or vendors in-game in a repetitive way. These profiles can even be toggled on. Let it repeat the movement and clicks until you no longer need them, and then, toggle the profile off.

GS Auto Clicker is fairly sophisticated and lets you set delays between various events. It can record pauses, of course, but being able to add delays after the fact is helpful for tweaking profiles and avoiding spam detection. The program also integrates a feature called Smart Click, which lets you analyze activity and provides information that assists in refining profiles. These profiles aren’t quite macros, however, since they can’t integrate keyboard commands, drag and drop and so forth. There’s also no built-in help. Most users won’t need it, but if you find that you do, you’ll need to seek that assistance elsewhere.


  • Automate mouse clicks
  • Automate mouse pointer movement
  • Create macros and assign hotkeys


  • No built-in help
  • Advanced mouse movement not supported

GS Auto Clicker is a program that allows the user to automate repetitive clicking with a single button press. This helps avoid monotonous, manual mouse clicking. Set up to click on a part of the screen whenever the assigned button is pressed. GS Auto Clicker can also be configured to click on multiple places on the screen in sequence. With a simple interface, setting up the program to automate tedious mouse clicking is a breeze. The user can choose either mouse button to use, as well as time differences so that delayed button presses are not a problem. All of these routines can be logged with the use of the Smart Click feature, in case the actions need to be monitored for effectiveness.

This is a lightweight program. GS Auto Clicker is helpful for automating repetitive clicks in many scenarios. For example, users can use it in web forms, games, and other intensive navigation work. While there is no help function, the options menu for setting up clicking routines is straightforward. This eliminates the need for extra help. This program can be helpful in reducing strain on users' wrists that may come from excessive clicking. However, more complex mouse options remain out of the scope of this program.


  • Reduces user work. With GS Auto Clicker, users can focus their energy on other projects while the program gets through any tedious work.
  • Easy to use. Menus are straightforward and pleasant to work with. Functions are just as they seem.
  • Simple interface. Windows do not interfere with other work the user is doing.


  • More complicated mouse movements are not available. Dragging and dropping cannot be programmed into a macro.
  • Keyboard functionality not allowed. This is not an all in one program, sadly. A separate program must be used to get full automation capabilities.

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